70 MW DF Power Plant, Libreville, Gabon

Project Details

The 70MW Alenkiri Power plant in Libreville in  Gabon was completed in Q1 2013 and has been operational since April 2013. Telemenia won the relevant international tender based on a combination of its reputation, quick delivery time, cutting edge technology, and competitive pricing. This power plant was built in 2 phases of 35MW over a period of 18 months, including a complete substation and power lines to connect the national grid. The power plant includes a PRMS unit to condition and measure the incoming natural gas and Telemenia was awarded the project to build a 90kV power line to connect to the nearest national grid substation. The power line was built in record time (4 months) and allowed for quick and reliable connection of the power plant to the national grid, now feeding much needed power to the Libreville area. As a part of its social commitment, Telemenia is building a large housing project for the local community. 

Customer: Gabon Government
Application: Base Load
Location:             Libreville, Gabon
No. and engine type: Phase I: 2 x 17.5 MW 51/60
Phase II: 2 x 17.5 MW 51/60
Plant output: 70 MW
Fuel: Dual Fuel (Natrual/Diesel)
Contract award: Phase I: August 2009
Phase II: December 2010
Construction period: Phase I: April 2010 – July 2011
Phase II: March 2011
TM’s work scope: Turnkey
O&M 10 year O&M contract
Customer Gabon Government
Application Base Load
Location Alenakiri, Gabon
Capacity 70 MW
Fuel Type Dual Fuel (Natural/Diesel)
Construction Period 14 months
TM’s Work Scope Turn Key + O&M