12.5 MW La Victoroa, Venezuela

Project Details

The 12.5 MW La Victoria power plant will be built within the UNICON (ArcelorMittal) plant in the same location. The power plant will work in parallel with the national grid and shall supply continuous reliable power to the plant if the grid becomes unstable or unavailable or if additional power is required. The power plant consist of 5 x 2.5MW gensets based on MTU engines working on diesel oil. The power plant is capable of supplying power in island mode to meet the UNICON power needs.



Application: Captive Power Plant
Location:             La Victoria, Venezuela
No. and engine type: 5 x 2.5MW MTU Engines
Plant output: 12.5 MW
Fuel: Diesel
Contract award: 2012
Construction period: 6 months
TM’s work scope: EPC