105MW Port Gentil, Gabon (need info update to 52.5)

Project Details

Most recent company’s complete projects include the 105MW Port Gentile Power plant in Gabon. On 12/2012 Telemenia won the relevant international tenders based on a combination of reputation, fast delivery time, cutting edge technology and competitive pricing.
Port-Gentil or Mandji (1993 est. pop. 80,000) is the second-largest city of Gabon and a leading seaport. It is the center of Gabon's petroleum and timber industries. Although it lies inshore, the nearby mainland is a remote forest area and it is not connected by road to the rest of the nation.
Commencement of works /2012-
The Power plant was built in 2 Phases of 52.5MW, consisting of 6  18V51/60 DFMAN engines capable of working with Natural Gas or Diesel. The first Phase was completed in a record time of 13 months, including massive civil works to raise the power plant’s ground level five meters from its original level due to the large amount of water in the vicinity. The power plant includes PRMS, water treatment plant, sewage, waste management systems and a complete substation to connect to the 90kV national grid.
The power plant was build according to World Bank standard 2007/2008 and considered the most modern power plant being built in Gabon. It's electrical efficiency of approximately 47% that makes the most efficient station network of Gabon.
Customer: Gabon Government
Application: Base Load
Location:             Port Gentil, Gabon
No. and engine type:

Phase I: 2 x 17.5 MW 51/60

Phase 2: 2 x 17.5 MW 51/60

Plant output: 105 MW
Fuel: Dual Fuel (Natural/Diesel)
Contract award:

Phase I: December 2011

Phase 2: December 2012

Construction period: Under Construction until 2013
TM’s work scope: Turnkey