Pressure Reducing and Metering Station (PRMS) & Pipelines

Telemenia supplies pressure regulating and metering stations for gas power plants. These PRMS units are designed and built to meet individual customer requirements and specifications, such as required flow, pressure reduction, etc.  The typical scope of supply includes:

  • Complete engineering package
  • Procurement and project management
  • Station gas inlet line, including isolating coupling and motor operated inlet valve
  • Process equipment
  • Instrumentation tubing between primary instruments.
  • Supports where required to fix piping and tubing.
  • Steel structures, ladders and platforms.
  • Electrical, control and fire protection designs.
  • Electrical, control and fire protection Sequence of Operation (SOO).
  • Instruments, vents and drain connections
  • Supply and installation on site of emergency shutdown switches (ESD's Control/power cables).
  • Stainless steel equipment/instruments
  • Coating, painting, packing and transport protection.