Biodiesel and Biomass Power Plants

Telemenia designs and delivers both biodiesel and biomass power plants for the generation of clean, renewable power and other uses, in a modular design.
Biomass Plants: Telemenia delivers power plants based on different types  of biomass, such as rice husk, elephant grass, bagasse, wood and palm oil and syngas  (among others), ranging from few megawatts up to 50MW
Biodiesel:  Plants for the production of biodiesel from corn, jetropha, algae and jojoba using the latest technologies for added efficiency and limited environmental impact.
In both cases, the scope of supply includes:

  • Complete engineering package
  • Procurement and project management
  • Sourcing of relevant equipment suitable for the type of biomass to be used
  • Construction of the plant, including all balance of plant for the main equipment
  • Control room and electrical room according to the latest technologies and regulations
  • Control systems, HMI and communications systems
  • Unloading and loading stations (raw material/ final product)
  • Storage and processing facilities
  • Tank farm
  • Offices, maintenance bays, roads and infrastructure
  • Substation and relevant electrical equipment (when applicable)
  • T-lines construction (if required)
  • Optional heat recovery system for cogeneration purposes
  • Optional long term operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts