About Us

Telemenia is a leading international EPC contractor with vast experience in the design, construction and commissioning of power generating plants in over 55 countries and 4 continents.Telemenia’s expertise includes the development of power projects based on natural gas, hydropower, HFO, Diesel, biomass and biofuels ranging from 1MW to 450MW.

Company Profile Brochure

The company’s on-time, on-budget track record is a paramount aspect of Telemenia’s business philosophy.

Founded in 1956, Telemenia’s proven capabilities are backed by a team of seasoned professionals that ensure that every plant is tailor-made to meet each client’s specific needs, using state-of-the-art technology, proven project management techniques and detailed quality control procedures to ensure the most reliable, economically sound and technically advanced solution.

Telemenia’s projects comply with all relevant international standards and is also ISO-9001-2008

 and 18001-OHSAS.approved.

Its long standing cooperation with the industry’s leading equipment suppliers guarantees seamless plant integration, enhanced reliability and ease of operation and maintenance. Furthermore, the company offers long term O&M contracts to its clients, ensuring that the plant is run at top availability and efficiency on the long run.

As part of the F.K. Generators Group, Telemenia enjoys a strong financial position. In the last few years the company is also engaged in projects as independent power producer (IPP), BOT or BOO. Telemenia’s current portfolio of projects drives profitable and financial stability, positioning Telemenia on the track for future growth while maintaining our position as a leading EPC and service provider.

The company, through its financial partners worldwide, offers companies and governments seeking to develop energy projects optional project financing services that speed up project development at competitive terms.

The Telemenia team strongly believes in social involvement, wherever it builds projects. Telemenia is proud of its commitment to society, in education, medical services and other needs of the local communities. Telemenia’s donations and investments have helped to improve the quality of life in many of the communities surrounding Telemenia’s projects.