Our Power Plants

Telemenia offers a wide range of power solutions based on different technologies and are design to suit the specific needs of each power plant. These power plants and systems are supplied either on an EPC, BOT, BOO or any other business modality that suits client’s request.

Telemenia’s range of power plants and systems include:

  • Natural gas based power plants (gas engines and gas turbines)
  • HFO and Diesel based power plants
  • Hydropower plants
  • Biodiesel and biomass power plants
  • Ethanol plants
  • PRMS systems
Natural Gas Based Power Plants

Gas Engines Power Plants Ranging from few megawatts up to hundreds of megawatts, Tele...
HFO and Diesel Based Power Plants

Telemenia supplies complete power plants based on HFO and/or Diesel fuel worldwide, u...
Hydropower Plants

Telemenia is a relatively new comer to the hydropower arena. In the last few years th...
Biodiesel and Biomass Power Plants

Telemenia designs and delivers both biodiesel and biomass power plants for the genera...
Ethanol Plants

Telemenia is involved in the development of several sugar cane based ethanol plants r...
Pressure Reducing and Metering Station (PRMS) & Pipelines

Telemenia supplies pressure regulating and metering stations for gas power plants. Th...