ARAD. An Israeli company wants to modernize Central Lignite power plants in Arad.

Arădenii has the chance to pay in the near future, less money for heat. Letter of intent that if a company in Israel, which wants to modernize Lignite CHP, will result in an actual investment. Company management Telemenia by Izhak Elyashiv Director, contacted Town Hall Arad that exposed ideas and projects and thermal power generation, where the two parties will reach consensus.

"Following our representative option, Mr. Mihai Calinengineer, and on behalf Telemenia Ltd. I am pleased to present our concept for development, expansion, modernization of municipal heating from CHP Arad," the letter begins Izhak Elyashiv. He continued, presenting the company as saying that "our intention is to modernize the production of heat and electricity by installing highly efficient cogeneration plants, which can be integrated into the CET Arad, in order to produce electricity and heat (the amount to be decided by you) and dedicated to selling products, namely, the National Energy System electricity and hot water and heating fo rArad.”

The Advantages

Further, Telemenia’s representative presents the advantages of upgrading the CHP. In terms of economic advantage, Elyashiv informs that "there will be a significant reduction in operating expenses for the provision of calorific energy supplied to all customers connected to the system. This new plant will be able to provide services at prices below the prices and regulated by ANRE for heat ". Mentioned, however, and explained the advantages of operational, technical and environmental.

Required Studies

To get an idea of the operational and economic situation Lignite CHP, Israeli calls for a feasibility study. "We recommend a study to assess feasibility and analysis of existing infrastructure and existing electricity tariff, ANRE regulations and gas prices. The intent of this study is to create a business model to invest, manage and maintain power. This study is intended to provide a framework for future discussions ", say investors.

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