The president realized the strategic interest to provide Gabon with energetic infrastructures, in order to address the insufficiencies of SEEG. Because, to execute large projects and attract investors, Gabon must dispose of essential raw material which it desperately needs: Energy. Many projects were proposed.

First stage: To meet the energetic needs of strategic cities which are Libreville, Port Gentil, Franceville and Moanda. It has been accomplished.
Beginning in November 2008, the hydroelectric dam Grand Poubara, is today, complete. The beginning of its operation is expected in January 2014. This dam will meet the energetic needs of the entire province of Haut-Ogooué., specifically the cheese factory of Comilog being constructed, located in Moanda.
With an output of 160 MW in its first stage, being the equivalent of the works of Kinguélé, Tchimbélé, Poubara 1 and Poubara 2 both, this structure will have the capacity to provide, in its second phase, the province of Ogooué-Lolo, due to an addition of 120 MW and all cities are situated along the railway.
At Libreville, upon completion in August 2013 of the Alenakiri power plant by the Israeli company Telemenia, the executive has proven its determination to end the load shedding , by placing additional electric energy on the capital’s grid. The test phase was conclusive. The only thing left is for the plant to enter into full production.
In Port Gentil, the energetic wager is half won. The President has inaugurated on August 12 2013 the first phase of the works of the future gas based power plant of Port Gentil. This gigantic project will totally meet the energetic deficit of the economic capital and will end the load shedding.