Telemenia, a company which specializes in the erection of power stations in the field of diesel generators, beat Siemens and General Electric and won the Gabon’s government international tender of the for the erection of a power station in the city of Port Gentil. The cost of the project is estimated at approximately 550 million shekels.

The power station to be constructed by the company will operate on natural gas, however, in case needed, will be able to operate on diesel and fuel oil. The station will provide an output of approximately 105 MW and will stretch out on about 210 acres. The CEO of the FK Group, which Telemenia is part of, has specified that the station is foreseen to serve about 400,000 residents of the area, out of a population of 1.5 million in the West African country.

The company has specified that the project will employ a team of about 200 Israelis, which will engage in planning, supervision, erection and maintenance. This is the second power station that Telemenia will be building in Gabon, after building a station in the capital city, Libreville, providing an output of 70 MW, at the cost of about 500 million shekels. The construction of the station is foreseen to end as soon as June 2012.