Ido Rosolio, CEO

Mr. Rosolio joined Telemenia in 2015. As CEO, Mr. Rosolio is leading the company through the current challenges and he is responsible for the managing and developing of Telemenia's projects abroad and in Israel.

Mr. Rosolio has vast experience in management and prior to joining Telemenia, he worked as Managing Director at I.M.A – Infrastructure Management Administration, a company that specialized in infrastructure projects in developing countries (mainly Africa), and previously as Senior Vice President at BAZAN Group and General Manager of Bazan Industrial Division, CEO of Mekorot, Israel National Water company and CEO of Ashdod Oil Refinery.

Mr. Rosolio holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion and an International Executive, MBA from Tel Aviv University and North Western University (Chicago).


Omer Kedar, VP Projects

Mr. Kedar joined Telemenia in 2016. Mr. Kedar responsible for the engineering, procurement construction, and commissioning of Telemenia's power plants projects in Africa and South America.

Prior to joining Telemenia, Mr. Kedar  worked at IDE  technologies  as Projects Division Director.

Mr. Kedar  holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Ben - Gurion University, as well as MBA degree from Bar – Ilan University.

Aharon Grabli, VP Operations

Mr.Grabli joined Telemenia in 2016. Mr. Grabli is responsible for the O&M and Commissioning of Telemenia power plants in Africa and South America.

prior to joining Telemenia, Mr. Grabli worked as a VP operation for the glass industry. Mr. Grably has over 20 years expirience in the Energy Sector as a Power plant manager and projects manger in a high volume  CHP projects around the world.

Mr. Grabli holds B.S.c in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, as well as MBA degree from Ben Gurion University.

Dori Dankner, VP Business Development

Mr. Dankner joined Telemenia in 2017. Mr. Dankner is in charge of Telemenia’s Business Development division, responsible for the development and generation of business opportunities worldwide, including the signing of JVs, PPA, IPP, BOT and BOO agreements.  Mr. Dankner is also in charge of the marketing activities for the company.
Prior to joining Telemenia, Mr. Dankner was
Director of Business Development at AMANDI ENERGY and he focused on the development of a 200 MW independent power plant in West Africa. Mr. Dankner has more than 20 years of experience in initiating, establishing, managing and managing private and public companies across energy/infrastructure, real-estate and communications industries and he worked in the leading companies in Israel. Mr. Dankner holds a MBA in Finance and International Business from New York University stern school of business, NY and BSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv  University.

Oren Ofir, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Ofir joined Telemenia in 1996 as a project manager, responsible for the field of Gas Turbines and several of Telemenia’s major national projects such as: IEC’s Hagit and Ramat Hovav power plants and international projects such as the power plants in Cuba, Brazil and Gabon.

In 2011 Mr. Ofir was appointed as Manager – Engineering, in charge of all engineering and design (mechanical and electrical) of Telemenia’s projects and responsible for the subcontracting of the civil engineering. In 2013 Mr. Ofir was appointed as CTO. Under his management are the mechanical, electrical, control and QA engineering groups.

Mr. Ofir has over 25 years’ experience in the assembly of HFO, Diesel and Natural Gas power plants.

Dani Anigar, Chief Financial Officer, CPA

Mr. Anigar joined The FK Group in 2008 as CFO of the FK Group and several of its companies. He is responsible for managing the accounting department, recruiting bank credit and outer bank credit and managing foreign trade. Mr. Anigar is a CPA and holds an MBA in Business from Tel Aviv University.

Itzik Koren, General Manager, Telemenia Gabon

Mr. Koren joined Telemenia in 2016. Mr. Koren’s responsibilities include the managing of the subsidiary, negotiations with local authorities, managing of both local and expatriate subcontractors and liaison with governmental contacts and local authorities. Mr. Koren is also involved in the development of business opportunities in other West African countries, the building of a regional service hub (spare parts & servicing) and an operation and maintenance (O&M) service center for Telemenia’s projects.

Prior to joining Telemenia, Mr. Koren worked as a Country manager in Africa in the Energy and communications sector with a proven track record of delivering value to the companies he worked for and their clients.