Telemenia was founded in 1956 by Mr. Jacob “Yanek” Lewcowicz as a partnership under the name of “Lewcowicz-Zuker”. In 1968, the company changed its name to Telemenia Ltd. The company’s core activities in those early days included the production and installation of electric panels and other electric equipment.

In the late 60’s Telemenia received the dealership of leading international generator and electric equipment manufacturers such as: Telemecanique (today, Schneider Electric) and Socomec. As a result, Telemenia became a leading supplier of electric equipment in Israel, expanding into new areas of activities and building its economic and technical strength.

During the same time period, Telemenia became the main supplier for the Israeli Air Force and began to assemble diesel generators, installing and commissioning small power plants up to 2 MW. During the following years, the company took on larger projects and became the main EPC contractor for many Israeli companies, including the Israeli Electric Company (IEC).

In 1979, in conjunction with the global market’s shift toward power generation plants based on diesel, Telemenia further increased its involvement as an EPC contractor by expanding into international markets;  building and commissioning  diesel based power plants of up to 10 MW throughout Africa.

By 1986, Telemenia was fully engaged in the design, construction and commissioning of small gas turbines and HFO based power plants. Telemenia also developed its own manufacturing division for control systems, synchronization panels for generators and later on, complete balance of plant equipment.

The 1990’s marked Telemenia’s broad international breakthrough, securing large EPC contracts in Russia, Africa, South America and Europe. Today, Telemenia is a well-known, reputable EPC constructor for medium to large size power plants based on natural gas, HFO, Diesel, Biomass and Biofuels. The company’s installed projects span over 50 countries and 4 continents.  As part of its ever-growing scope of supply, Telemenia has also entered into the hydropower segment, winning several projects in Europe and Asia.

Telemenia is now also an independent power producer (IPP), developing its own power projects and supplying the generated power to the grid. The combination of the company’s EPC and IPP segments will be the growth engine of the company for the decades to come.