The Management Team at Telemenia believes in maintaining occupational health safety and environmental protection:

  1. Maintaining a high level of safety in order to better assure the preservation of the employees' lives.
  2. Maintaining a high level of environmental standards to ensure that the Company's projects shall be carried out with minimal impact to the environment with a view to enhanced sustainability.

Telemenia's Management Team views its promise, environmental protection and occupational health, as an integral part of the working processes in all disciplines, with the goal of zero occupational accidents and illnesses, and reducing the severity of safety incidents and environmental incidents that occur, despite all efforts taken to prevent them.

Prevention of work accidents, environmental incidents, and the protection of all employees is an essential element to Telemenia's organizational culture. Safety is as important as quality, productivity, and efficiency. Since this is not achieved without investment of great effort, the Management Team places higher level of significance.

Safety and environmental management at Telemenia is based on a system-wide vision, adapting to the various project sites in order to create uniformity and avoid wasting resources in treating and dealing with different entities in this field.

Telemenia's Management Team views itself committed to the strict fulfillment of valid applicable laws, regulations, orders, and rules of the profession, national and international alike, relating to safety and occupational health, as well as the environment, hazardous material handling and treatment. Telemenia will take all measures necessary to enforce all laws are upheld by all employees and managerial staff, both in the main office and on project sites.

Telemenia's Management Team shall use administrative, engineering, and technology at its disposal, and shall prefer subcontractors and service providers with valid environmental and safety standards certification. All this is to ensure:

1. A safe working environment.

2. Prevention of injuries, property damage, or equipment malfunctions.

3. Prevention of environmental damage and saving the environment with the correct handling of hazardous materials.

Telemenia's Management Team shall work to continually to improve the Company's activities that impact environmental safety and occupational health, taking into consideration employee safety and overall health over time, ensuring the presence of equipment systems, processes and working conditions, performing preventive maintenance of facilities and equipment, prevention of events with significant environmental impact and constant investigation activity and lessons learned from the safety events "near misses", if any.

Every manager in the Company is responsible for the management of safety and occupational health field, while maintaining work equipment and materials in excellent condition, practicing work procedures, maintaining an appropriately trained staff and providing proper oversight. Every Telemenia manager is responsible for the establishment and existence of a safety, fire protection, and first aid system, as well as enforcing a plan for the handling and treatment of hazardous materials at the project sites, as well as frequent drilling program and emergency exercises.

All levels of management are responsible for implementing the HSSE policy of the company. All levels of management are responsible to those reporting to them and must report to those above them.

Discipline managers shall work to include and encourage employees performing operations in the field of safety and the environment and shall ensure that relevant information is valid and available at all times.

Each employee is responsible for protecting the environment and to work in a safe manner, using all safety measures and protection equipment therefore provided. If not provided, the employee must demand that they be supplied or must refuse work that may endanger the employee or his / her colleagues. Success of the safety and environmental policy is based upon the commitment and full cooperation of each manager, employee, and subcontractor.

The Company acknowledges that any acceptance or rejection of this Safety Plan, shall not exempt us from our responsibility for the full and orderly implementation of all the provisions of the Agreement between us and the Company's Safety procedures, of the Law, regulations, standards and any other formal provision that apply to the Site.

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