Telemenia Health Safety Environment (HSE) CommitmentTelemenia Health Safety Environment (HSE) CommitmentTelemenia is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace and conduct its business activities in a manner that protects the environment.

Telemenia strives to be an HSE leader  and promotes such practices amongst all its employees,  sub-contractors, consultants, and associated personnel.
In order to achieve these goals, Telemenia and its sub-contractors are committed  to the following principles:

  • Risk Management: Identification and evaluation of all HSE hazards or aspects and the management of those risks to reduce their impact to acceptable levels.
  • Legislation Implementation: Compliance with all applicable HSE regulations.
  • Training and Development of HSE Behavior: Provide all employees and sub-contractors with appropriate training.
  • Safety: Prevention of incidents, injuries, managing consequences of safety incidents, improving safety performance.
  • Environment: Reduction of waste; resources conservation, air pollution reduction, prevention of soil contamination.
  • Occupational Health: Promoting good health and preventing illnesses through a site specific health plan.
  • Code of Conduct: Non-tolerance for inappropriate behavior that contribute to incidents and injuries or are disrespectful of human dignity.
  • Track and Report: Recording and communicating HSE performance throughout the organization.

Telemenia’s management constantly works towards the improvement of the Company’s health and safety procedures, with employee’s safety and health being of paramount importance. Telemenia strives to ensure the presence of all necessary equipment, systems, procedures, and work conditions to ensure the fulfillment of these goals, performing the preventive maintenance of facilities and equipment, acting towards the prevention of incidents that may have an environmental impact, and carrying on a constant investigation and improvement from any safety or "near miss" event, should they occur.

Telemenia recent activity in the HSE field:

  • Telemenia has adopted a new systematic HSE Plan for 2012 (published March 2012) in order to guarantee full compliance with the regulations, and Telemenia HSE standards.
  • Telemenia has adopted a new HSE emergency plan for 2012 (Published May 2012).